Welcome to my blog.

As a professional web developer, I work with different web technologies and languages. I love to build automated data generation tool to generate data and store in spreadsheet, CSV, XML, TXT or to any standard database system. I also do Backend and Front end development for web applicatoin projects as well.

I love to play sometime with module/extension development for some open source CMS, specially for Magento and Joomla.

I prefer web development or consulting opportunities specially to the projects with PHP, CodeIgniter/YII Framework, Web scraping or automation system.

Language, Framework, Tools I use often:
>> PHP
>> JavaScript
>> MySql
>> XML
>> jQuery
>> CodeIgniter Framework
>> YII Framework
>> Joomla
>> SimpleHtmlDom
>> PhpQuery

UBUNTU is my favorite playground. I always play with LAMP on Ubuntu for application development projects.

I always love to face new challenge.